Born Again

Collaboration with Bruno Jamaica 


Plaster and elastics

(figure) 120 x 120 x 120cm

'a man must reenter his mothers womb and then die. There he can be reborn into the eternal kingdom'. mystics, alchemists, psychologists, and the bible reference the idea of regressing back into the womb in order to be reborn into a new world, whether as a metaphor for the descent into the dark primal depths of the pysche, forays into the womb-like mine shafts of mother earth, the religious journey into heaven, or as the literal reentering of the mother with its oedipal connotations.

Consciousness turns back on itself, falling toward an unconditioned, unborn state; an aminotic bliss experienced as the cosmic womb. By entering into the installation's tunnel we are faced with new life and the explosive potential of infinity.