Head of Galatea


Vaccuum formed acrylic, cast rubber lips, lipstic, fake eyelashes, spray paint, wooden support / inflatable plastic sexdoll

(Also shown are other pieces from the 'Serial Pygmalionist' series)

Inspired by Ovid's tale of Pygmalion, this portrait of the sculptors idealised woman is modelled on the Venus de Milo; an ancient Greek statue widely considered as the pin-up of the classical world. She was the physical target of the first ever recorded and analysed case of Agalmatophilia (where a gardener was caught trying to copulate with a replica of the statue).

The Hellenic portrait is executed in the form of a tacky plastic sex doll head complete with open mouth and garish lipstick, altering the context of the story from romantic myth to a contemporary perversion.

By turning this image of classical beauty into a cheap and degrading sexual object it addresses the constant bombardment of the image of women in a sex-sells consumer society, as well alluding to a mass-produced rape of art.

The crude wooden stand maintains the idea of Pygmalions studio and hand made craft in contrast to the clean-cut manufactured head.